Woman with Whipped and Welted Ass

Posted on February 21st, 2012 by admin

Woman with Whipped Ass

As much as I enjoy it, I don’t just spend my time whipping my own little slaves and painsluts. I have quite a few friends and contacts that love to play, that aren’t under my service. Many of those girls love the feel of the whip across their skin, and can’t wait to feel it’s touch, they get soaking wet just thinking about the crack of the whip and the feel of burning fire against their skin.

This particular whipped woman craved the touch of the whip so much she was positively vibrating with energy before we even started. She had her whips picked out, and she wanted it so bad she was all ready soaking wet before we even started. Her cries were so sweet as I gave her mark after mark across her tight little ass and pussy. It is nice to let things go sometimes without an ulterior motive for training or punishment, especially when you have a slut that loves the pain so much she reaches back and fingers her soaking wet snatch in time with the strokes of the whip. This hot girl loved the fire across her ass so much that it barely took more than a few touches of her fingers across her clit before she came buckets.

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