Barn Whipping

Posted on July 18th, 2013 by admin

barn whipping

There are a few places in my home, that when one of my slaves ends up there, they know they are in very bad trouble. I reserve those places so they know that they will get the harshest discipline and whipping all over their bodies when they are there and they get to anticipate exactly what I am going to do with them when they are there. One particular place I like to keep for especially bad little painsluts, and when they end up in the barn, they know they are in for a world of pain.

This particular little girl was such a disappointment to me, that I had to make sure that she knew that failing in her duties had severe consequences. Her eyes went wide when I told her to get into the barn and strip, but I wasn’t about to hear a single word of complaint from her. I love the expressions they get when I put them against the straw, and they feel every last prick and strand against their pussy and breasts before I even start working on them. This time she was in such big trouble that my friend even helped me throw her around and lash her body. I made sure that she ended up covered in welts from top to bottom, but the girl wasn’t near done, not until I lashed her over her misbehaving cunt.

Watch her backside turn red and welted. CLICK HERE

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Nora’s First Whipping

Posted on June 24th, 2013 by admin

Nora's first whipping

Sometimes it’s rather nice to get out of the house, you know? On a beautiful day you want to get into the car and take a drive, enjoy the lovely weather, and the feel of the wind blowing in your hair. It’s also a good way to get a nice workout in the middle of some sunny weather, and enjoy working up another kind of heat. That’s why I always keep some of my more portable equipment with me on these drives, because you never know when you’ll find a nice spot where you have to whip a little painslut.

Nora is new to my little world of pain and punishment; in fact, she’s never felt the kiss of a whip or a lash before. I decided to be generous, and take her away from the house with one of my portable rigs, so the other girls wouldn’t spoil the experience for her. She had no idea when we stopped I intended her to be naked out there for the world, but with a body like hers, I wanted to make sure I could get to every inch of her sweet body. There’s nothing like welts on a girl that’s never felt the kiss of a whip before, they whimper and cry so well I just hate having to stop!

See the whip striking up and down her naked body. CLICK HERE

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How to Whip a Gymnast

Posted on June 4th, 2013 by admin

whipped pussy

I do so enjoy when I get to play with my more…gymnastic painsluts. The ones that work out every day, do yoga, and really understand how to stretch their bodies to their personal limits. It gives me such freedom to contort them, twist them, and expose them so I can decorate their bodies in pain in ways that other painsluts just can’t experience. It is one thing when I set their skin on fire from my lashes and floggers, but it is quite the other when I can make them beg for pain, and whimper as their muscles grow sore, and their joints ache before I even get the chance to apply the whip.

Alex is one of those lovely women that seems like all her joints are made out of rubber, no matter how I twist her, now matter how I turn her, she is just ready for the application of my favorite toys. In particular, I love forcing her into the widest splits, so I can see her tight little pussy, and she has nowhere to escape when I decide that she needs to feel the touch of my toys. As soon as I bring out my toys she knows what she’s in for, so she starts whimpering. Of course, when I cuff her ankle up and wrench it above her head she practically begs me to stop, before I’ve even started. I make quite sure that her luscious little pussy gets plenty of attention, until her inner thighs and mound are covered in red and welts, and she is trembling against her bonds, and I’ve pushed her body to its limits.

See Alex in all her glory. Go to gallery.

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Intense Full Body Whipping

Posted on April 26th, 2013 by admin

intense full body whipping

As the weather turns nicer some of my girls think it is an excuse to skimp out on their daily activities. For quite a few, sunbathing out in the daylight seems to replace all their workouts, their chores, and pretty much everything else around the house. They don’t think I will get angry with them either, because when they get in that sun they come in looking oh-so gorgeous. I’m not too upset with my little painsluts, but they need to know that they are not allowed to get behind or neglectful, when they get too lazy, I show them how creative I can get when I want them to work.

This time, one of my little blonde painsluts thought she could just stretch out by the pool to take advantage of the beautiful spring day. She thought she could get a little sun, and get back without me noticing she was gone, or that she’d skipped her workout. Whoops! I always catch them, and this time she replaced her workout with a little time stretched out in another way by the pool. I love my bondage rigs, because I was able to splay her out and really strain her muscles while I lashed at her newly tanned skin with my favorite lashes. Every inch of her body participated in my little ‘workout’ especially her naughty, wicked little pussy, that just got as wet as if she’d been playing in the pool, after all.

This slut gets whipped over every inch of her body below the neck. CLICK HERE to witness it for yourself.

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Whipped in Stocks

Posted on March 25th, 2013 by admin

whipped in stocks

Some of my girls are well trained enough that they know that they absolutely cannot move, or object, when I decide they are ripe for a little discipline and punishment. Oh, sure, they may cry, and moan, and scream as they receive their punishment, but they know there is no debate, no way to escape, and no room for debate when I bring out the lashes. Some of the girls though still have not learned their self-control and it requires…additional restraints to make sure they don’t try to escape their discipline.

Cindy is particularly troublesome, because she squirms and thrashes and moves so much that she actually sometimes throws off my aim. I do have just the restraint device for her though, a nice set of steel stocks that keeps her head down and her ass up nice and high where I can get to it without any restriction. When she goes in the stocks she always whimpers and begs so nicely, but those sounds quickly turn to the moans I like even more when I leave all sorts of welts across her ass and thighs. Sometimes, if she’s lucky, only after I’ve made sure her ass and pussy are well decorated, I will let her out to see if she can be a good girl, and take the rest of her punishment without a problem.

Watch Cindy get thoroughly punished and nicely welted. CLICK HERE NOW

Action-Impact shot of welted whipped ass

Posted on March 10th, 2013 by admin

impact shot whipped ass

I have no problems working for girls that would normally be under my whip, especially when it’s paying work. I mean, fun is fun, but business is business. Some of those girls though think that they can get away with a little smile and a waggle of their hips and I’ll give them a discount, or will forget that it’s my business. Those times I am open to ‘alternate payment’ but it’s not usually what they expect.

This little blonde bottom thought that she could stiff me for the bill, especially when she heard it was going to be more then she thought. I wasn’t about to let that happen, so I decided to show her the value and sturdy quality of my construction. My tools were more than capable of getting her out of her clothes, and that’s when she saw my lashes. My payment turned out to be seeing her body covered head to toe in lashes, which I suppose works out for me.

She gets striped across her backside. See for yourself HERE

Brunette in Fishnets gets Whipped

Posted on March 2nd, 2013 by admin

fishnets and whipped

Sometimes it’s not always about the discipline, and teaching a slave about the pain and suffering from my whips. I do enjoy the occasional deliberate photo shoot as well, where I get to put up a lovely young painslut and show off my technique, while making them scream in pain, all while getting every last expression as they suffer under my lashes. It is something a little but more pure to just be wielding the lash for the art of it.

This lovely little thing thought she had a good idea of what she was in for when we put the cuffs on her and brought her to the stage, but I don’t think the reality really set in until I pulled up her little top and revealed her nice ass. I could almost see her shiver in anticipation as I wound up with my whip. The first couple of lashes that left stripes across her ass had her dancing almost immediately, and I was just getting started! It turns out she’d never been truly whipped before by someone willing to leave welts all over her body, and she had no idea how intense turning her back red would be for her.

She bleeds a little at the end… CLICK HERE to watch

Bound to a tree and whipped

Posted on February 23rd, 2013 by admin

bound to tree

No bottom should ever expect every single time they are going to get a whipping. If they know every time, they can build up to it, or they can get ready. The most delightful reactions are when one is off balance, shocked, and is afraid that they have no idea what is going on. Then you get the most honest reactions, and you get to see a painslut really reacts to a nice, hard whipping.

This time a friend of mine wanted to teach his little submissive slut a bit of surprise lesson, and we were more than happy to help him with that. He told us exactly where she would be, so you should have seen the look on her face when she saw us come out of the woods after her. She knew us, but that didn’t matter when we grabbed her and ripped her clothes off. She cried so hard when we tied her pretty ass to the log and ground her pussy against the wood, but the crying didn’t really start until we started lashing her pretty little ass. She got so loud that we eventually had to stuff a gag in her loud mouth so she couldn’t whine too much when we covered her in welts. When we were done though, we left her there tied, crying and exposed to everyone that came by until her master got her later.

See her beating and tears HERE

Chained Slaves

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chained slaves

I do so love a party, especially when they have it well stocked with wine and women. It seems like everyone gets so nervous about having a good time when there are service girls there and painsluts showing off. I mean you should never drink and play, right? Well geez, that’s why I provide that safe place, so the girls will get their whippings, while I make sure that my guests aren’t going too far, but they have something entertaining to watch.

I do think things ended up as a great hit, especially when my saddle-riding sub finally got the treatment she deserved. It only took one stroke across her ass, and one hot moan from her lips before they floodgates opened. She ended up with quite the decorated ass, as everyone wanted to leave a couple of red stripes across it. Her crying and moaning was such a sweet sound, and complimented the party perfectly.

CLICK HERE to see who gets whipped first

Brunette gets heavy beating with whip

Posted on February 1st, 2013 by admin

whip beating

A bottom’s first experience in my dungeon is such an…enlightening affair. Most of these painsluts have only known their homes, or private little venues that don’t have the kind of accessories I have at my disposal. It is a change of experience for them, because I make sure they get tormented in every way when they are under my care, the whips may be part, but they are certainly not the only experience. You also won’t believe how many girls will be so quiet in public, but in my dungeon they scream like banshees.

Alex was one of those that I thought was too reserved, too gentle when in public, so I introduced her to the delights of my dungeon. The look on her face when I stripped her completely while shackled to the wall was delightful, but not nearly as delightful as the screams that came from her when the first few blows of my whip landed across her tight little ass. I’m sure she would have deafened a whole dungeon if she weren’t in my little corner of the world. She was a responsive little painslut though, because as red as her skin turned from my single tails, her pussy turned as red from her own wetness. She practically creamed herself from the torment of my single tail. I quite look forward to her second chance down in my shackles.

See Alex beaten HERE

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