Blonde suspended and joining other whipped women like her!

Posted on December 31st, 2009 by Whipped Women

Jane is a Pain Gate babe who was just caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. Two guys in masks got her stripped totally naked and suspended on rope bondage to have her ass tamed. The whipped women at Pain Gate go through the most brutal punishment for doing something their masters thought they shouldn’t. Although we have no idea what this blonde babe did to deserve a treatment like this, the pure hell pain makes her scream and shake while getting whipped and spanked all over her fresh smooth body. WATCH the video and see the ass canning and the pussy whipping that is performed as she gets her legs stretched out wide and her arms grabbed to pull her and prevent her from fondling and covering her slits.

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The harsh bdsm gets even nastier once she is totally red all over and has huge welts build up on her ass and stomach. The young babe starts crying as she is forced to endure the increasing pain and suffering they take out on her. DOWNLOAD the video and watch the Pain Gate punishment with the most intense suspension we have ever seen.

Whipped Women Cecile gets x-mas present of lashes!

Posted on December 26th, 2009 by Whipped Women

Meet Cecile! One sexy busty babe at Whipped Women, with nice gorgeous curves and a real appetite for bdsm with her husband. One day when he came home from work, he found the sexy slut dressed up in a revealing and see through lingerie set. There was no time wasted before he took her down to the basement to give her an early X-mas present of 200 whiplashes before she cries out. The punishment is exactly what made the red head slut totally turned on and eager for the harsh and brutal punishment she was about to get. SEE the video and watch as she gets her hands tied behind her back and is forced to withstand the spanking she gets.

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Her once smooth and ivory skin turns beet red and gets large welts form all over her body while she is beaten and enjoys her punishment. Finally when he sinks the leather strappy whip and starts teasing her pussy with it with her legs stretched out, she starts crying out loud in pain at the 200th lash she gets. DOWNLOAD the video and watch the rope bondage and bdsm fanatic under go her treatment at Whipped Women.

Pain Gate babe getting brutal treatment of hard bull whipping!

Posted on December 21st, 2009 by Whipped Women

After a young bartender girl was late for her work, she was taken downstairs to the basement to go through a brutal punishment and get her lesson learned the rough way. She is forced to strip down totally naked and gets bound up to a huge spinning wheel on the wall with large chains bracing her hands and legs down to undergo the Pain Gate spanking session. CLICK HERE to download the video and watch the hot babe get spanked and whipped by her boss until she swears she will never be late again.

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She gets her gorgeous hard stomach slapped with the harsh stinging whips until there are red welts covering her smooth and silky skin. Although this doesn’t seem to do the trick on many whipped women, the chick gets rotated upside down and has her pussy tamed by a huge and heavy bull whip that makes her scream and cry out in the torturous feeling. The girl gets all red in the face and has her body dripping in sweat as she undertakes the heated punishment that makes her quiver and shake. SEE the video and watch the Pain Gate babe getting a brutal treatment.

When whipped women don’t work they get spanked!

Posted on December 16th, 2009 by Whipped Women

At Whipped Women we have the most harshest punishment for slacking sluts who don’t do their work. When a black haired beauty was told to do some weeding out on the lawn, she took her time and wasn’t working hard enough. After catching her slacking, two of the officers over watching headed over and got her tied up in rope bondage, with her big tits tightly wrapped up and hung naked from a tree. CLICK HERE to download the video and watch the spanking that goes on when the submissive girls in this boot camp don’t work hard enough to standards.

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They get whipped hard and long until they are screaming and crying out loud, with their bodies getting red and swell up in welts from all the stinging strikes they get. Whipped Women will make you enjoy every hard slash they get on their succulant and bound tits and pussy, that starts getting ripe and drip of sweat from all the harsh sensation. WATCH the video and see the chicks get tied up and fucked up by the whips that are used to make them obey their orders at Whipped Women.

Sexy black haired beauties having a Pain Gate show down!

Posted on December 11th, 2009 by Whipped Women

Check out a hot whip fight special with the hottest two Pain Gate ladies totally going ape shit on each other outdoors. They get dressed up in their high heels and sexy stocking, strutting their gorgeous tits and bare asses as they get their favorite whips in hand and start spanking each other in the most brutal fashion. The whipped women go totally nuts as they get the heat up and start causing the most agonizing pain on each others smooth and silky bodies. CLICK HERE to download the video and watch as they start to turn beet red with huge welts forming on their gorgeous round asses and stomach.

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Pretty soon the black haired babes get exhausted from all the brutal punishment they take out on each other, going with their masters to the pool and dipping their hands in to sooth their soar spots on their sizzling hot bodies. Then its back to round two, to see who gets the title of the Pain Gate spanking bitch that is the most aggressive of all the whipped women out there. WATCH the video and enjoy the brutal show down in between the hot two babes outside.

Whipped Women go through boot camp stable work!

Posted on December 6th, 2009 by Whipped Women

Whipped Women brings you some of the wildest girls going through some boot camp stable work. After they have been caught doing wrong things, they are taken and get treated by a harsh general who knows how to turn the rowdy sluts into submissive girls that will obey all of their orders. When a brunette slim babe is caught slacking off in the stable, she is taken by two officers and gets tied up in rope bondage onto a saddle. She begs not to be beaten, and does everything she can do to free herself, but there is no mercy for a slacking inmate. CLICK HERE to download the video and watch the harsh spanking that goes on while she gets her naked legs forced down to the ground and chained up.

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The mouthy girl gets her ass slashed by hard stinging whips that create big welts on her body and make her scream out in pain and agony. WATCH this epiosode at Whipped Women and see all the red harsh scars that form on her round juicy ass, almost bleeding as she is whipped and spanked and forced to go through the most brutal punishment of her life.

Blonde going through Pain Gate bdsm spanking!

Posted on December 1st, 2009 by Whipped Women

Come and see the hottest episode we have at Pain Gate. This hot and sexy blonde babe gets lured into the bedroom at a private party by the house owner, and is ready to get tied and fucked by the man she finds totally sizzling hot and sexy in his mask. As he starts caressing his hands all over her body and taking her in all kinds of positions with her dress still on, dry fucking her from behind, the chick gets totally turned on and thinks there will be some hard core fucking. But she is totally wrong. Pretty soon she is down on the floor getting whipped and spanked like never before. WATCH the video and see the brutal punishment that the submissive girls get when they think they are in for something else.

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There is no tip left for this cheap slut who is forced naked on the bed with her huge tits bouncing out and her tight ass getting beet red from all the welts she gets from the stinging snake slashing at their smooth silky skin. The whipped women at Pain Gate will have a night to remember once they get into an unknown room with an unknown man. SEE the video and watch the bdsm and punishment.

Bullwhip is best method for revenge at Whipped Women!

Posted on November 26th, 2009 by Whipped Women

After finding that his blonde wife was flirting with another man at a private party they were throwing out on their patio, the naughty chick took off with a heat, and her husband followed to get the revenge he needed. After catching up to her under the trees, he made her strip down completely naked and got her tied up to a tree with rope bondage attached to her hands. SEE the video and watch the Whipped Women special as a bull whip is taken out for the harsh punishment.

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She starts screaming out in pain and shock as her body is beating with each stinging slash curving over her body and biting her like a snake. The submissive girls don’t get such a hard punishment if the obey what their men tell them, but this naughty slut is one mouth whore who will not give up. Her ass turns into a road map of scars that are left over and swell up on her skin, until she is finally gives in and taken off the trees. CLICK HERE to download the video and watch as she has her body healed with some cold water to sooth her stinging scars at Whipped Women.

Whipped women getting tested out by door man!

Posted on November 21st, 2009 by Whipped Women

When a door man lets new guests into the house of his mistress he is told to test out each young slut to see how they do as submissive girls and get tied up and fucked. The guy loves his job and has all kinds of harsh toys ready to get the whipped women into shape. See as this young girl gets into a Pain Gate testing as she is hung upside down in rope bondage with her legs spreading wide up in the air and her pussy and tits naked for the thick whips to start slashing. DOWNLOAD the video and watch as the initial spanking begins, getting her ass turning bright red and get covered in welts, before moving onto her twat that is spread and ready for a multiple thick leather whip that gets unleashed and makes they young brunette scream and moan out in pain.

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The submissive girls start grabbing their faces and cunts, preventing the masters from doing anything else to their soft and tender bodies in the Pain Gate performance. When she gets her hands held back, there is not much time before she faints from all the pain she receives between her legs. SEE the video and watch the hard core spanking she gets.

Witch needing a Whipped Woman treatment to clean her soul!

Posted on November 16th, 2009 by Whipped Women

If you want to see a gorgeous brunette babe with huge succulent tits and a freshly shaved pussy getting stripped down and tied up in rope bondage to be punished, than check out this episode at Whipped Women. Lucy was claimed to be a witch at her town, and has to be spanked and whipped until the spirit rises away from her body.She gets tied to a railing indoors with her arms attached by chains to prevent her from escaping the punishment she needs to be clean. WATCH the video and see as she is struck repeatedly by the harsh whips that come crashing over her huge juicy breasts and hard stomach.

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The massive lumps swell and force the ropes to get really tight around her breasts, as they turn ripe and red from the brutal treatment, leaving her totally exhausted. When the man sees that she turns into a submissive girl, he feels up her juggs and starts hitting her clit with his stinging wand. CLICK HERE to download the video and watch the chick get tied up and fucked by the men who claim her to be a witch at Whipped Women.