Outdoor Bound and Whipped Blonde

Posted on February 19th, 2014 by admin

bound and whipped

Many of the submissive painsluts that play with me have their own little lives when they leave my home. I’m fine with that of course, I don’t expect that they have to drop their lives when they are under my…compassionate care. Their only rules are that I am the only one that can talk about what we do at my home, only I can show off what we do, and they must be discreet when they are outside of my home. Most of my submissive girls don’t find that so much of a challenge, and they are able to stay within the guidelines. A few of them seem to find it impossible to be discreet, and they just can’t help themselves, especially when they end up with marks they want to show off. Of course, when that happens, they’ve lost their right to keep our scenes private with me, and they end up on the hook for a scene that everyone gets to see.

This particularly naughty painslut didn’t keep our relationship quiet, she ended up sending a rather…indiscreet email to several people, but unluckily for her she included me in on that email. She learned very quickly that she was in trouble, and I had the perfect spot for her punishment. If she wanted to be indiscreet in her emails, we’d show everyone how exposed she can really be. She does have a rather lovely body, and it looked so good splayed open and spread wide as I bound her to the steel bars for her punishment, out where everyone could see. I whipped her tits, her pussy, her thighs, and her stomach. I left red streaks and welts everywhere on her tight little body until she strained and begged for relief with every stroke. Apparently her public show is not as much a punishment as I would like, because she was soaking wet by the end.

Check out this intense body whipping HERE

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Upside Down Whipping

Posted on January 31st, 2014 by admin

upside down whipping

There’s a reason you have to restrain most painsluts when you are going to give them their lashes, or a solid whipping. Sure, they may be begging for it, they may moan and cry and cum, but they’re still going to squirm, writhe, and try and keep you from getting their most sensitive parts. It doesn’t matter how well trained they are, you just have to make sure they aren’t going to move at the wrong moment so you hit the right spot every single time.

Luckily for me, I have some very elegant implements that help me keep my sexy little painsluts nice and secure. One of my favorites has to be my throne. Sure, I could just sit in it, but it looks much better when I have a hot, submissive slut tied into it so they can’t escape. This particular little sub writhed so nicely even with the restraints that it was almost hard giving her the lashes and marks across her tits, stomach and pussy, but somehow I soldiered on through her moaning and pleading. Her skin definitely needed the decorations so she matched the chair, and only when she had red welts from top to bottom do I think she truly matched.

Watch this intense whipping HERE

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Pussy Whipping

Posted on January 10th, 2014 by admin

pussy whipping

Never let it be said that I don’t know how to treat a wicked little painslut. Some of them you want to lash all over their bodies until they are red and raw, others require a more delicate touch. Sure you want to leave the marks, but you want to leave them in the right places. Of course, sometimes it’s worth taking a moment and reminding them that you can abuse every single inch of their bodies as punishment, because they are yours.

This particular toy of mine is for those girls that are particularly whiny little painsluts. I love spreading their thighs wide and exposing their pink pussies to the lash, it makes them so self conscious that often I don’t need the whip to turn them red. This little blonde painslut gets soaking when though, so she really does need the touch of a lash against her shaved little slit until it’s bright red and she’s leaving my lashes wet. Her pussy isn’t the only thing that ends up red though, because I am not about to let her go without appropriate lash marks across those cute, perky tits. By the end, she’s a quivering, soaked mass of moaning painslut, just as I like them.

See her whipped all over HERE

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Such Beautiful Welts

Posted on December 28th, 2013 by admin


Quite often, I have various parties and events at my home, and sure I do enjoy when all my friends are around and they get to take their turns with my submissive painsluts, but other times it’s so much better when it’s a more private affair. I get to show off some of my slaves’ more…interesting traits and their flexibility as in these more private shows I get to push them further then I might do in mixed company. Most understand that I do everything with a purpose, but some don’t like to see their soft skin marred with welts.

This time it was just me and my friend, and he had his eye on one of my particularly sexy little submissive sluts. I figured it was a good time to give him a private little show starring her, and her very flexible body. She just seems like she can fold into any position I demand, especially when she gets something up against her pussy to…distract her. I wasn’t just doing a flexibility test though, my friend wanted to see what she could really take, so I brought out my canes and gave her a nice striping across her ass, thighs and even against that sweet pussy.

See the rest of her welted body HERE

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Ines and the Bullwhip

Posted on November 8th, 2013 by admin


I generally have one major rule for my little painsluts, if they are going to stay around my home. They have to keep their bodies in shape. All the other rules pale in comparison if they let themselves go, I won’t deal with an unhealthy slave girl. Some of them get a little lazy about their workouts though, and when that happens I have to step in and make sure they get back into a proper exercise routine.

Ines slacked off and tried passing off a few skipped workouts due to illness or injury, but when I found her lounging, I knew she was faking it and getting lazy. Well, that’s just not going to work on me, so I dragged her outside and stripped he down so I could make sure she did her exercises properly. It took only a few lashes with the whip before she got the idea that I wasn’t quitting until she got her ass around the track. It took some more coaxing, so she ended up with lash marks all over her body before I finally was satisfied with her performance.

See Ines get her due punishment. CLICK HERE

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Cindy is Whipped in the Field

Posted on October 12th, 2013 by admin

whipped in a field

I always try to take advantage of the last few nice days of summer. My girls are so used to lounging around the house that I just have to drag them out under the sun, somewhere private, somewhere secluded, so that I can really let go, and their moans, and shrieks don’t upset the neighbors. So I try to get the few best days out there, pick one particularly naughty little painslut, and I take them out to a few places I know that are nice and secluded so that we won’t be interrupted in our time together.

Cindy just adores being the little exhibitionist she is, so when I told her we were going for a drive, she was practically soaked before we ever got in the car. I have a nice little field I know, and a very secure car rack, so it was the perfect setup for a nice bit of whipping. She has such a lovely body for the whip, she welts so nicely, especially across the nipples, thighs and over her wet pussy of hers. It was the perfect day, and the sun made the welts on her skin stand out, though it’s probably good we were so isolated, because the sounds she made would probably scare off the dead!

Watch Cindy’s beating HERE

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Alex gets her tits whipped

Posted on September 21st, 2013 by admin

breast whipping

It’s almost a shame when some of my painsluts get ‘used’ to their punishments. I love the marks on their flesh, but some girls just need me to push harder and harder, and the marks get deeper, and last longer. It’s a shame because it often means I have to wait longer between sessions with those more pain-tolerant painsluts, and well, I do so enjoy when I don’t have to restrain myself at all. Oh well, such is the suffering of a top with some hard-core painsluts at his disposal, it just means that I have to make my sessions with these girls all the more, memorable.

Alex in particular seems like she’s never ‘satisfied’ at the end of each of our sessions, she keeps claiming she could take even more, so I decide to give her her wish to make our scene memorable. It starts well enough, especially when I lash over her lovely breasts and her chest and stomach, but she’s used to that by now…she doesn’t look too scared, at least until I string up her leg. I love seeing her pretty pussy exposed, and I love even more the screams when I give it the lashing she’s never had before.

Watch Alex’s punishment HERE

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Xenia Picks a Fight – Gets Punished

Posted on September 8th, 2013 by admin

xenia picks a fight

I do have some girls that are good, most of the time anyway. Sometimes they forget who really the master in this situation is, and they start getting a little possessive of my time. As much as I enjoy the service from one of my special girls, when Xenia picked a fight with one of my blonde girls, we just had to teach her the lessons that she’s here for my pleasure, not hers, and that means she doesn’t get to choose who I play with.

I can’t think of any better way of emphasizing my point, than to have my newest treat whip her as a reminder. I had to teach her a bit, since she was a little clumsy, but soon enough she covered her from top to bottom in lovely red welts.

See the whipping for yourself. CLICK HERE

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Whipped in Hot Tub

Posted on August 31st, 2013 by admin

whipped in hot tub

I generally have no problems with having the girls using my rather…expansive facilities over the summer. I mean, my hot-tub, my pool, my lounges are all pretty open whenever the weather is nice, and I certainly don’t mind having a nude little painslut in whip’s reach whenever the urge strikes. Of course, some of these girls think that being here makes them ‘privileged’ or gives them the right to tell just anyone about the place, or take anyone here. I just can’t have that, especially when they don’t bother to ask me for approval.

I caught this little painslut gabbing away on her phone, just bragging about how special she is because she is one of the ‘chosen ones’. She was going to just invite all her friends over, at least until I stopped her right in her tracks and cut that conversation off quickly. I had to ‘explain’ to her that I sent the invitations, not her. It took some additional reinforcement with the dog whip across her back and ass before she really got the picture though, and I made sure that those reminders showed as welts across her wet skin. I think next time she’ll remember to ask, like she properly should.

Watch her entire punishment. CLICK HERE

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Bratty Blondes Share Punishment

Posted on August 5th, 2013 by admin

two whipped blondes

Some people just don’t know how to handle one troublemaker, much less two. When you get a couple of bratty little painsluts working together, they think they can get away with so much more, because there’s no way you’ll be able to handle both of them, right? I love twisting that and proving them quite wrong, because I just adore showing that no matter how bratty a pair can get, I will definitely find ways that they both get their just punishments. In fact, they just make it easier, when I really get things going.

For most people, these two blonde bombshells are way more than they can handle. They are experts at turning things on unsuspecting tops and just getting away with murder. Well, there’s no bad habit I can’t twist back onto them, and in this case I definitely loved making these two finally turn on each other. There’s nothing better then seeing the look on one painsluts face when their friend tells me that I’m just not hitting hard enough, that they can take so much more. I had to agree, especially once I started covering their asses, thighs, and pussies with the red welts from some of my more vicious whips.

See these two get their due punishment. CLICK HERE!

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